Bundle - Ai Stamps & Strokes

This Watercolor Brushes Bundle contains a total of 2080 brushes.

Realistic Watercolor Vector Brushes for Adobe Illustrator. All brushes are Hand-Painted with realistic Watercolor on watercolor paper.

Stamps and Washes

384 Realistic Watercolor Stamps & Washes Vector Brushes for Adobe Illustrator.

129 Basic brushes are stored in four types:

  • 129 Stamps Washes
  • 66 Stamps Washes Dark Border
  • 60 Stamps Washes Gradient
  • 129 Stamps Washes Invert

Short Brush Strokes

993 Realistic Watercolor Short Brush Strokes Vector Brushes for Adobe Illustrator. 

272 Basic brushes are stored in four types: 

  • 272 Short Strokes
  • 246 Short Strokes Dark Border
  • 203 Short Strokes Gradient
  • 272 Short Strokes Invert

Long Brush Strokes

703 Realistic Watercolor Long Brush Strokes Vector Brushes for Adobe Illustrator.

200 Basic brushes are stored in four types: 

  • 200 Long Strokes
  • 137 Long Strokes Dark Border
  • 166 Long Strokes Gradient
  • 200 Long Strokes Invert 

 See below what is included.


How to draw a Mushroom with Vector Watercolor Brushes - Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

In this Adobe Illustrator Tutorial I show you how to draw a Watercolor Mushroom with Dagubi Real Vector Watercolor Brushes. Learn how to draw with realistic Watercolor Art Brushes and how to use the Blending Mode in Adobe Illustrator.

Bundle - Ai Stamps & Strokes

This is a Bundle of total 2080 Illustrator Vector Watercolor Brushes.

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File Types Vector, AI
Requirements Adobe CS4+
Date Nov 20, 2018

What is included